Thursday, man... what a day! I had my last two field trips in high school (T-14 days until graduation!). For the first half of the day we headed to the Detroit Institute of Arts, and after lunch we practiced our courtroom skills at the 24th District Court for Law Day. I love the DIA and was super excited to see the Van Gogh pieces they had on exhibit! Portrait of the Postman Joseph Roulin (1888) was my favorite, although Bedroom in Arles was extremely cool to see. I've been to the DIA a couple times before with my family, but being able to experience it together with my friends, talking about our favorite pieces, was especially valuable to me. A big thanks to the DIA for putting up with our teen "let's take another weird picture with THIS sculpture" behavior ;) We continued our day out with a stop at Pizza Papalis for lunch and then the courthouse. The proceedings were definitely entertaining, but unfortunately the chips did not fall in our favor. Let's just say law school does not appeal to me in the least! However, it really was blast. Follow the field trips with play practice and homework and call me wiped out! These last days of high school are certainly keeping me busy.  

1. Emily, Laynie, and me in front of the DIA 2. Posing by a piece of modern art 3. Matisse! 4. Emily, Danielle, and I 5. Laynie and I 6. All the girls in my class! 7. The Great Hall

photos 1, 2, 4, 5, and 6 by Laynie
photos 3 and 7 by me

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