springbreak + seniors = SENIOR TRIP! This year my class has decided to take our almighty outing to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee (at least for the first week). Mild temps and beautiful mountain scenery... I'm really hoping this trip will be something we never forget! We'll be getting to our awesome cabins via bus (school bus). You know how there's airport fashion? Well now there's bus fashion (idk if that's for sure, but hey, to me it is. boring sweats are just not cutting it anymore). I'd definitely like to slip into this comfortable get-up before embarking on our memorable excursion :)


Girly girl or not, you can't help but admire the lovely femininity of pastel pink. So dainty, so fresh. With spring right around the corner (a very snowy corner, it appears. 5 in. Tuesday night!?), it's nearly time to say goodbye to heavy layers and dark winter hues. I can't wait to lighten up when the warm breezes of spring weather come blustering in!


Not gonna lie, I love confetti system. I mean it can be colorful, neutral, shiny, whatever you like! Some day, I  will find a good reason to blow a bunch of cash on pretty crepe paper. I first saw the stuff over at cupcakes and cashmere where she had a lovely strand of tassels hanging in her office (pictured below). I used to think garland was just for decorating parties and such, but why not put it somewhere like your office? Or in my case, my dorm? It could be perfect for sprucing up that bunk bed. There are so many different options and I'm fairly certain that there's a garland for everyone. I personally like the neutral and sparkly idea, but you want some flowers? Go ahead! Some pennants? There's tons! The possibilities are limitless...


Happy Valentine's Day! I hope it's been the sweetest.

image via pinterest


While browsing through the Fall 2013 RTW collections, I stumbled across this sweet little J.Crew get-up. Even though the whole outfit is effortlessly posh, one thing especially caught my eye- the bedecked hat. I mean, it seems so simple, and yet I don't think I've ever seen one before... anyways, I'm hoping someone can help me out. Tons of people are claiming to be DIY gurus these days (not me), so at least ONE person must be willing to figure out a way to do a homemade version of this hat. Reward: cookies? shoutout? being my new BFF? I'll work that out later. Don't let me down!

image via Style  (go to look 11 - you'll be able to zoom in the slideshow) edited by me.


Who doesn't love a cool light fixture?


p.s.- I found out there was a Nicholas Cage movie called The Magician's Assistant today... I'm probably changing the name of my blog (don't worry, Nicholas Cage isn't the only reason). I think it's a cool name, but, I don't know. I'm a teenager, do I have to give a reason why it doesn't seem right? Oh well. Blog name = work in progress.

p.p.s.- Yes, the title DOES point towards the fact that I'm a Harry Potter fan... like a huge one. I'm not ashamed.


So I didn't realize that over a whole week has slipped away without a blog post! Sorry about that! I did work on one, but let's just say I had difficulties (curse you, photoshop!) Yes, I'm blaming photoshop for my problems again. In other news, last Monday I was graced with the rare appearance of a snow day! My school can be stingy at times, but conditions were truly terrible so my sister and I took advantage of the free time and endeavored to finally take some more of my senior pictures- with success! We were able to set up a DIY studio in our living room and I must say, our results for our first time experiment were rather fantastic! I'm a huge fan of studio photography, so this was so much fun for me. I can't wait to try new props and what-not soon :)

all photos by Haley & Co.

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