Sorry for the absence! With senior trip and play practice and getting back into things, I decided to just take a little time off and refresh before I started posting again (and hopefully more frequently!). Things have been a little out of the norm, but out of the norm isn't bad. Anyways, I'm back now! Thanks for sticking around :)

Some weird and not so weird happenings lately...

  • I graduate in 25 days! How crazy is that?
  • My sister moved out, so it's like I'm an "only child" again, so strange!
  • I got my computer! I don't know what I did without this thing before.
  • I went to my last banquet ever on Saturday. I had loads of fun.
  • The weather is just now getting warm. I'm so ready for some vitamin D!
  • My open house planning is well underway and I don't know how I'm going to accomplish my long list of hopeful DIY projects.
  • The photo above was taken during one of my senior pic sessions. It's kinda weird, but the lighting's cool and it looks like I'm either a) passed out or b) dreaming with my eyes open. I'll go with the dreaming, haha!

Photo by Haley & Co.


Mention the words "Scotch & Soda" and be surprised if I don't go into a mini fangirling session. The european brand, based in Amsterdam, is, to say in one word, cool. I can go on and on about the unique yet comfortable styles they offer (and don't even get me started about their signature scent! Barfly is seriously one of my favorite smells. Order a free sample here). The kids' department is especially to die for. Scotch Shrunk and Scotch R'belle, their boys and girls brands, are definitely going to be my go-to if I ever have littles of my own... and money to blow!

Scotch R'Belle A Midsummer Night's Dream Spring/Summer 2011 from Scotch & Soda on Vimeo.

(Even though this video is from 2011, it still has me dreaming)

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