BREAKFAST LUNCH DINNER Detroit! Thought I'd share some of my favorite places to dine in the D!

BREAKFAST: Brooklyn St. Local

A few words: Total hipster diner with a menu to match. Tons of great local sources and vegan menu options!

Favorite things: Mocha (sourced from Great Lakes Coffee!) & Breakfast Poutine (a canadian dish, fries with gravy and cheese curd, served breakfast style with an egg and bacon or tempeh)

image from instagram

 LUNCH: Mudgie's Deli

 A few words: Another local-friendly spot with a terrific variety of sandwiches.

Favorite things: Toney's Caesar Wrap & Fudgie Mudgie (a brownie waffle topped with Calder's ice cream and Sander's chocolate sauce... so good)

DINNER: El Barzon

A few words: 10 times better than anything I've ever had in Mexican Town. Menu features both Italian and Mexican dishes.

Favorite things: Enchiladas & Guacamole

HAPPY SATURDAY! Hope everyone enjoys their (semi?)chilly weekend and admires the beautiful snow before it melts in a few days! 


Enjoy some simple DIY love on this chilly Wednesday! I found this adorable video while browsing through Lumineux Films. After looking through a couple of their videos, I'm seriously impressed!

P.S. I downloaded Photoshop CS2 onto my mac and everything was fine and dandy until I actually tried to accomplish something. Nothing but non-responsive windows and sudden shut downs over here :( Hopefully I can figure out a way to iron out the kinks soon! If anyone has ever dealt with this problem before and can help, please do!


Even though I didn't write out official new year's resolutions, one of the top things on my list is to travel and try new experiences whenever possible. Near the the top of my list of places to go is the beautiful, laid-back country of GREECE! The gorgeous coast, seaside towns, and (my favorite) feta cheese... sigh. I sincerely hope I can make my way to this fantastic destination someday!

1. sensi hat 2. hepcat glasses 3. lemlem coverup 4. baggu purse 5. bumble & bumble surf spray 6. ancient greek sandals

P.S. I'm working on my photoshop skills- I think I'm doing pretty well for just starting out! Those online tutorials are stellar. I don't have it at home so I can't work on it all the time, but eventually I'd love to buy it and learn all about the program :)


Who doesn't love a fantastic Jane Austen love story? The woman was a romantic GENIUS! In honor of  my re-reading of Pride and Prejudice for a book report this term, I thought I'd gather some of my favorite Austen-inspired things that have been popping up lately :)

1. my favorite scene from the 2005 film version of Pride & Prejudice. Image from picstopin 2. book clutch from Kate Spade. Image from hip hip gin gin 3. Still from the first of episode of the Youtube series "The Lizzie Bennet Diaries." (TOTALLY worth watching. Go start the series here!) Image from yaniism 4. book iphone charger from etsy


With my senior year well underway and emails flooding my inbox, college is definitely something that's on my mind. As of right now, I've chosen a college and am really excited about this new stage in my life. But out of all the things I could worry about, for some reason one minor issue keeps pushing its way to the front of my mind: decorating my dorm room. You can't hang anything on the walls. You can't get different furniture. You have like zero space. Although those incredible wall hook and sticky tape infomercials look so appealing (or not), I've been keeping my eyes open for creative solutions. One of my favorites so far: washi tape! I love the color and fun it adds, plus it's super easy to do! Tape?  check! Blank wall space? check! I think I'll definitely be taking advantage of this simple project once my college years finally roll around :)



For many, a good celebration is marked by the infectiously energetic (and messy) presence of confetti. Fun to throw but not so fun to pick up, the colorful pieces definitely spice up any occasion. Although I thoroughly enjoyed my low-key New Year's this year, we had absolutely no confetti. NONE. I know, sad, right? To top it off, Meijer was completely out of anything sparkling (and Ikea brand alcohol free wine is something I'll pass on next time!). Funny glasses and party poppers were something I seriously missed this year. But just because NYE has come and gone doesn't mean confetti has to completely leave our lives (or at least the idea doesn't)! I believe fun pops of color deserve a regular spot in our everyday lives-- no party necessary!


Christmas break is almost over... sigh. While many people are going to miss the parties, gifting, and sledding, one of the things I'll miss the most is having nowhere to go and nothing to do. More specifically, having nowhere to go and nothing to do with sweatpants on. When leaving the house I'm always gung-ho to put on a nice get-up, but when I'm home, the comfier the better. Jeans? Can't stand 'em. A cute new skirt? It can wait. Give me sweatpants, an ipad, and a hot cup of tea and I'm set. While I'm not too ashamed to admit this, I'm really hoping I'm not the only one! Let me know in the comments what you're going to miss most about break!



WELCOME! I'm gonna be selfish for a minute and talk all about me. As awkward as I find this post, it's necessary, right? I'll keep it simple and basic. 

name: Shelby Mistor

age: 17

from: suburbs of Detroit

background: youngest of 2 sisters, Christian (Jesus follower, Baptist, whichever you prefer)

favorite things: fashion, flowers, Pinterest, tea, coffee, Teen Vogue, Netflix, NYC, a good story

why I started this blog and why magician's assistant: I wanted a fun place to share my life, thoughts, ideas, and things that inspire me (and hopefully inspire others). You know those moments when you see, read, or hear something that evokes a feeling that you can't describe... those moments that inspire you to think differently or try something new? I love those magical moments. Those moments often come to me when I see an awesome photo or a clever outfit, read an incredible story, or discover a song that perfectly describes my mood. Many times, it's the simple things. So if I'm here to share simple, magical things, in a way, I imagine myself as a magician's assistant (plus I love the aesthetic. Shimmery golds, smoke and mirrors...)

*please note: I'm just starting out, so please bear with me as I make mistakes and develop my style of blogging (I know the template's not the best, but do I look like an HTML expert?... seriously though, if you can hook me up with someone who is, let me know. They'd be my BFF)

image by Haley & Co.

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