25 YEARS + 1 DAY

Can we just stop and appreciate how long 25 years (and one day) is? WOW. Hats off to these folks right here for their love, strength, and selflessness in this day and age. Divorce rates are sadly higher than ever, but this pair is not hearing any of it. I'm so blessed to call these two mine. They are awesome, and I just can't get over it. I wasn't there on February 11, 1989, but thinking about that day just makes me smile. I'm so thankful God gave me the family I have. Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad!

LET'S GO 2014

Happy New Year! Hope you all are enjoying the holiday. I spent the evening at Ronin, my favorite sushi restaurant in Royal Oak, and Great Lakes Coffee on Woodward. We (my parents and I) drove around Campus Martius to see "the D Drop" party (my dad votes to change it to "Raise the D," stay tuned for campaign details). I hope no one froze to death out there! We headed home and played gin rummy until midnight while listening to the top 104 party songs and watched the ball drop on TV with sparkling cider. Some might think that a crazy party with all your friends is way better than my quiet evening, but I really enjoy these simple times with my family (minus Haley- wish you could've joined us, sis). 

In other news, here are my resolutions for 2014!

1. Write down more of my ideas/observations/thoughts/opinions. I'm rather forgetful and these tend to come in handy later on.

2. Come closer to finding a job/career that suits me. I have interests in so many areas but I'm having a hard time settling on one thing.

3. Find a hobby so I don't sound extremely boring when I talk to people.

4. Study the Korean language more seriously (Seoul 2018, anyone?).

That's it! I hope your 2014 resolutions are challenging and productive. :)

image edited by me


Of course I knew I'd need supplies like towels, folders, and a shower caddy, but there are some things I didn't think of/know I'd need before I went to school. Here are my top 6 items that have come in handy more often than not:

1. String lights - Fluorescents aren't so homey and my clip lamp is kind of blinding. These string lights  from Target that my roommate lent me make our room feel so much warmer and inviting.

2. Fun push-pins - Unless your school has super strict rules about what you do to your walls, I think most dorms allow at least pushpins. My walls are textured so tape doesn't stick very well; these pins that I got as a gift make putting pictures up so much easier!

3. Mini steamer - Basically everyone in my unit has needed my steamer at one time or another. So much easier than an ironing, this steamer straightens most fabrics and is small enough to fit nicely in the top shelf of my closet.

4. Friendly demeanor - After we got to know people really well my friends and I started asking about their first impressions of us. My most common answer: I looked stuck up and like I didn't want to talk to anybody (one friend even went as far "the most stuck up person in the world"... yikes!). I know I just kind of "have that face" but I was a bit surprised at how many people said this about me! They admitted that once they talked to me they thought differently, but still, I learned a lesson: don't trust first impressions too much and try to look pleasant around people ;) (image source)

5. Popcorn maker - I don't use it more than once or twice a week, but it's great to have around when you rreeaallllyy need a snack after curfew. This one from Target is incredibly easy to use and produces delicious results!

6. Hydrogen peroxide - Whether you need it for laundry purposes, ear piercing (seriously), or hair-dying like my unit has, hydrogen peroxide is great to have around. Pick it up for a few bucks at CVS or Target.


Sometimes I feel guilty for not blogging for two months straight, but then I realize that the reason I started this site was for my personal expression. What's the point of forcing myself to write a post? I'm not going to share something unless I want to share something...Just thought I'd share my thoughts on that! Here are four more thoughts that've occurred in my mind over my two month hiatus: 

1. I had no motivation to carry out my 10 for 10 goals. "Get a job" was the only thing I could cross off at the end of the month.

2. Campus couples have ruined the idea of hand-holding for me. I get it, but, seriously? Stop touching each other so much. No one wants to see that (at least on campus).

3. A pixie cut is very tempting at the moment... but so is keeping my longish hair.

4. You don't realize how "at home" you can feel until you actually leave home for a while and come back (at least, that was the case for me).

Hopefully I'll be posting a lot more regularly these days! 

Photo taken by me on my way home from Tampa last Friday. I love seeing the crystals form on my window :)


Guys . . . GUYS . . . it happened

I got a job...

at J. Crew!

After over a month of phone tag and interviews, I start on Sunday. God is good, and I am pumped!


For the couple that loves monochromatic twinning!

I adore this look and feature from the Teen Vogue August 2013 issue. Who knew varying shades of white, cream, and beige could appeal to me as much as they do? 

Copycat: Pants | Coat | Sneakers | Hat | Sweater

Give me one good reason why we shouldn't throw grey (or gray, if you prefer) into this neutral mix. 

Copycat: Suit | Coat | Shoes | Hat | Sweater


As you can see, my URL, name, and look have all changed! Ms. Mistor... just sounds classier, doesn't it? Not that Magician's Assistant wasn't a cool title, but it held no significance for me and I just didn't really connect with it. Here's to a fresh new start!
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