Have you ever used/seen someone use a furoshiki? Perhaps you've spotted one in a Studio Ghibli film. I stumbled across these neat instructions while surfing Uniqlo's site (BTW, they have a ton of sales going on right now!). I'll admit, I own a stash of bandanas and kerchiefs that really do deserve to be worn regularly, but I feel like I'm wearing it wrong every time I try. So when this popped up, I finally saw a use for those things! I can see myself toting two bottles of soda bin tsutsumi style or giving a gift à la yotsu musubi. Just looking at the hon tsutumi really confused me, but it was actually pretty simple! Going to the library will be so much more interesting. Hope the videos help!

Directions by Uniqlo. Vines by me.


Somehow I ended up staying awake until 2 am just catching up on The Little Couple on TLC last week. They're adopting a little boy from China that's about three years old with dwarfism. And apparently they've already adopted a second child (a little girl from India, how precious)! As a huge advocate of adoption, I can't help but share their excitement! It was heart-wrenching to watch their difficult journey of starting a family. They literally tried everything. From in vitro fertilization to surrogacy, so much loss and pain has accompanied them through this process. However, I'm sure they'll look back and realize (if they haven't already) that without all of those difficulties, they would've never been matched with their son Will. Tonight at 10:30 the new episode is on and we will finally see Bill and Jen be united with their child! So in honor of this family finally coming together, enjoy some pics of the most adorable asian kids, like, ever (if you know me well, you know I think asian kids are the cutest. I don't know why, I just think they are, So let me indulge a little!).

I can't take it! Look how happy they are!

Some may say 13 pics is too much, and then there's me. I like to spread the cuteness.


I GRADUATED ON FRIDAY! I was so nervous that it was going to be some sort of emotional overload, but surprisingly enough most of my class made it through the ceremony without crying! For those of you who haven't graduated yet, you should look forward to it. The event is actually a lot of fun! And then you get to go to a bunch of parties for each other! I've really been enjoying it all so far.

Thursday started with an exam and then Emily, Laynie, and I went out and decorated everyone's cars! Then we finished our exams and did the classic obnoxious car horn extravaganza, and a bunch of us girls went and got our nails done. Friday morning was the awards assembly. Even though most of it was like 3 kids winning all the awards, the portions where my class was involved were really cool to see. At 7 the official graduation ceremony began. We'd practiced a number of times so everything went smoothly (Shout out to Laynie, Derek, and Trevor for the awesome testimonies! I'm sure that if I had allowed myself to cry, I would've been bawling.). This was followed by a reception in the gym, where we took pictures, ate cake, and threw our hats (like 3 times in the name of photo-op)! To end the night most of the class went to my house for a bonfire and snacks. The next day I went to 13 OPEN HOUSES. Thankfully, like 7 of those were at one place, so it wasn't too hard to manage. I'm so glad I've been able to spend so much time with these awesome people before it gets more difficult to get together so often. Class of 2013, you're the best!

When I say "finally" I'm talking about the fact that I locked my keys in the car the day before and ruined the fun of car decorating. On the bright side, I learned that no one's going to be able to break into my car by unlocking it with a hanger! It even took the tow truck guy a little while with all of his gear.

Becca and I putting my party poppers to good use!

^^this was probably one of the best things I've ever captured on camera. Kaitlin and Trev, you crack me up.

Laynie, Danielle, and I got pedicures!

Caleb, Me, Nathanael, and Carson

My youth pastor, Kit, and his wife, Heidi. I've been in their class for 4 years and I'm going to miss it terribly when I move up in 2 weeks! 

               ^^Photo by Lauren Roberts

Laynie's open house was at her church that a number of us hadn't been to before. So naturally, we took a tour and chilled in the nursery.


My friend Laynie started a blog! WOO! Please stop by and welcome her to the blogging world! Over the past year we've become really great friends and I can't wait to see more of her posts. Give her some love over at passing through!

Emily, Laynie, and I on senior trip!

... and here we are as lovely as can be during study hall! Photobooth always cracks us up.

photos by me


Thursday, man... what a day! I had my last two field trips in high school (T-14 days until graduation!). For the first half of the day we headed to the Detroit Institute of Arts, and after lunch we practiced our courtroom skills at the 24th District Court for Law Day. I love the DIA and was super excited to see the Van Gogh pieces they had on exhibit! Portrait of the Postman Joseph Roulin (1888) was my favorite, although Bedroom in Arles was extremely cool to see. I've been to the DIA a couple times before with my family, but being able to experience it together with my friends, talking about our favorite pieces, was especially valuable to me. A big thanks to the DIA for putting up with our teen "let's take another weird picture with THIS sculpture" behavior ;) We continued our day out with a stop at Pizza Papalis for lunch and then the courthouse. The proceedings were definitely entertaining, but unfortunately the chips did not fall in our favor. Let's just say law school does not appeal to me in the least! However, it really was blast. Follow the field trips with play practice and homework and call me wiped out! These last days of high school are certainly keeping me busy.  

1. Emily, Laynie, and me in front of the DIA 2. Posing by a piece of modern art 3. Matisse! 4. Emily, Danielle, and I 5. Laynie and I 6. All the girls in my class! 7. The Great Hall

photos 1, 2, 4, 5, and 6 by Laynie
photos 3 and 7 by me


If the dapper Jay Gatsby magically crossed realms and occupied the nonfictional world for a day, what kind of diamonds would he give his woman? I guess Tiffany & Co. asked the same question, because the jewelry connoisseurs have engendered a few perfect pieces for that specific Gatsby-loving crowd. Let me tell you, the pieces are simply gorgeous. The prices, on the other hand, are also fitting to Gatsby's groupies. This is certainly no vintage costume jewelry! Until the day I win the lottery and have an art deco themed party to attend, I'll just ooh and ah at the window displays, just thinking to myself, "It makes me sad because I've never seen such--such beautiful jewelry before!"


You know those rooms and spaces in your house that you just struggle with? Maybe you've got some good ideas (or are just not feeling anything Ikea has), but planning and organization are far from where you would like them to be. Perhaps the thought of hiring an interior designer has crossed your mind, but who has the budget and time for that? For those of you stumped with this décor dilemma, I give you Tastemaker. Launched in April, the service claims the phrase "design for everyone." The process is extremely user friendly and fun. Here's how their site breaks down the process for newbies:
"Tastemaker will handpick three professional decorators that match your style
and budget. Each decorator will respond with his or her vision for your space 
and offer a flat-rate quote to design it. Pick the decorator you like best and the 
project begins."
"Your decorator will work with you to create a complete custom design. That final design will be delivered right to your doorstep in a Design Box that comes with floor plans, paint colors, detailed product info, and any additional instructions you will need to finish the room."

"Make your new design a reality by purchasing any or all of your decorator’s suggested furnishings from Tastemaker— at the guaranteed lowest available price. A few clicks and Tastemaker will take care of everything for you."
Sounds awesome, right? I know a room or two in my house that could use this. I think this is a great option for anyone searching for a design solution--especially one that fits a variety of spaces and budgets! Here are some of my favorite completed projects from their site.

all images from the designers' profiles


I hate when I have bad things to say about something I love, but desperate times call for desperate measures. I must warn you.
Basically, J.Crew can do no wrong in my book. Their style is undebatably chic and affordable (compared to most high fashion brands), and they constantly boast about their fabulous imported fabrics. Not gonna lie, about half of my wardrobe is J.Crew (the other half being Madewell!). With my purchasing frequency I guess a dud piece was bound to pop up eventually. Of all things, the dud was their vintage cotton tees. It's a t-shirt for cryin' out loud! How can someone even manage to screw that up!? Oh well, they did. 
I bought two in mid March for about $20 dollars each with an additional 20% off. Not bad. "They're quality, they'll last a long time," I thought to myself. "I mean this is J.Crew we're talking about." I've probably worn each of them about six times since then, no rigorous activity involved. And then the other day as I was slipping out of one I noticed a gnarly, hole-filled armpit. It looked like a rodent had gnawed its way through! So then I checked the other one: same thing! I know there's no way that these holes are the result of something I've done. I was astonished and disappointed. I have tees from Forever 21 that don't even tear that easily. Next time I stop by the store I'll be sure to show them these. Thankfully they have awesome customer service, so I'm sure I'll at least get store credit; however, it would've been nice to not have this kind of issue in the first place.

Moral of the story: J.Crew is fantastic, but steer clear of the vintage cotton tees.

photos by Shelby Mistor

P. S. - I searched long and hard for a gif of the mom from A Cinderella Story saying "I am very very very very upset about this" with all her botox-pumped sauciness.  No gif, but I got a video!


3 words.




I know, I know, a dream come true, right? If you think so, you're not alone! I was pumped to see Oh Joy's post about the new wall treatments from Hygge & West. Easily removable and reusable with a clear, low-tack adhesive, a number of tasteful tile patterns are offered. My personal favorite is the Petal Pusher pattern in taupe and white (pictured below) designed by Joy D. Cho (and I'm not just saying that because I love her little family and her blog!) . I know you'll only be living in your dorm for about 9 months out of the year, so this may not be the most practical purchase. But to those of you who want to go the extra dorm-decorating mile, I say go for it!

P.S. - Joy mentioned that she has some "really exiting new products and patterns launching in 2014" that I can't wait to see!


Miss Vogue, the new teen addition to the Vogue UK family, hits newsstands this month! As an avid Teen Vogue subscriber, I'm definitely on board for a British version of the little sister mag. Plus Cara Delevingne, the magazine's debut cover star, looks young and playful as opposed to her typical somber face put on by more mature publications. Unfortunately, it's unclear whether or not this is a one-time deal or a permanent addition, but I'm super excited none the less. God save Miss Vogue!

photo via Vogue UK (you can also find out more details through the link!)


With wedding season about to kick into high gear, I've got my radar tracking pretty new bridal styles. Not new to the world but new to me is Monique Lhuillier Bridal. When I saw the Fall 2013 collection I was so impressed. So many becoming silhouettes and not a boring dress in sight! Perhaps my favorite feature is the slim dress with a gauzy overlay. I love that it combines the flattering form fitting gown with the fullness of a princess dress. She did a couple different takes on the style and I found each of them delightfully refreshing! The beading was also worth zooming in on. Monique Lhullier is definitely a name I'll be holding on to!

all images via Monique Lhuillier
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