I was born and raised in the suburbs of Detroit. I have one lovely sister, two goofy dogs, and two incredible parents. Food is our form of entertainment. I have an obsession with New York City and an unreasonable  fascination with all things Korean. God has saved me by his grace and I seek to worship him all my days. Florida is my home right now because I'm pursuing a business degree at Clearwater Christian College. I like to think of myself as a health nut. I've never really traveled out of the country but travel and exploration are pretty near the top of my priority list. I've never dyed my hair but secretly want to try out the "nordic blond" look. I'm a professional procrastinator. I don't hate the mornings but let's just say night owls and I are birds of a feather. I despise Olive Garden and fast food (except Rally fries). 

You and I are now well acquainted, I'd say.

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