I GRADUATED ON FRIDAY! I was so nervous that it was going to be some sort of emotional overload, but surprisingly enough most of my class made it through the ceremony without crying! For those of you who haven't graduated yet, you should look forward to it. The event is actually a lot of fun! And then you get to go to a bunch of parties for each other! I've really been enjoying it all so far.

Thursday started with an exam and then Emily, Laynie, and I went out and decorated everyone's cars! Then we finished our exams and did the classic obnoxious car horn extravaganza, and a bunch of us girls went and got our nails done. Friday morning was the awards assembly. Even though most of it was like 3 kids winning all the awards, the portions where my class was involved were really cool to see. At 7 the official graduation ceremony began. We'd practiced a number of times so everything went smoothly (Shout out to Laynie, Derek, and Trevor for the awesome testimonies! I'm sure that if I had allowed myself to cry, I would've been bawling.). This was followed by a reception in the gym, where we took pictures, ate cake, and threw our hats (like 3 times in the name of photo-op)! To end the night most of the class went to my house for a bonfire and snacks. The next day I went to 13 OPEN HOUSES. Thankfully, like 7 of those were at one place, so it wasn't too hard to manage. I'm so glad I've been able to spend so much time with these awesome people before it gets more difficult to get together so often. Class of 2013, you're the best!

When I say "finally" I'm talking about the fact that I locked my keys in the car the day before and ruined the fun of car decorating. On the bright side, I learned that no one's going to be able to break into my car by unlocking it with a hanger! It even took the tow truck guy a little while with all of his gear.

Becca and I putting my party poppers to good use!

^^this was probably one of the best things I've ever captured on camera. Kaitlin and Trev, you crack me up.

Laynie, Danielle, and I got pedicures!

Caleb, Me, Nathanael, and Carson

My youth pastor, Kit, and his wife, Heidi. I've been in their class for 4 years and I'm going to miss it terribly when I move up in 2 weeks! 

               ^^Photo by Lauren Roberts

Laynie's open house was at her church that a number of us hadn't been to before. So naturally, we took a tour and chilled in the nursery.


  1. My fav is the video panning around the bonfire and though you can't tell who most people are, it's obvious where Derek is because of his neck brace.

    I also heart Mauk and Packwood's photo bomb.

  2. Congratulations! Such a special and exciting time.


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