I'm fairly certain you'd be lying if you told me you didn't appreciate a hand-written note. Whether it's saying "thank you" or "thinking of you," a nice note can always earn brownie points in anyone's book! Personally, I'd like to step it up a notch and send my cards in style: personalized style, that is. I don't have any right now, but someday I'd love to invest in a one-of-a-kind custom set of stationery! Wouldn't you love to see your name on any one of these options?


I love fashion lit. There are so many unique and inspirational topics out there: styling, biography, how-to- I love them all! An evening at Barnes & Noble with a stack of trendy books next to me and a caramel mocha sounds so appealing. Times like those really help me out of day-to-day ruts. After flipping through pages and pages of other artists' hard work, how can you not be inspired? Even though my bookshelves and coffee tables are embarrassingly low on actual books, I've begun to accumulate a nice little collection of titles that are always worth taking off the shelf!


1. Secrets of Stylists by Sasha Charnin Morrison 2. In Fashion by Annemarie Iverson 3. The Little Black Book of Style by Nina Garcia (I also suggest her book The One Hundred)


1. Opening Ceremony by Carol Lim & Humberto Leon (I vote this one coolest cover!) 2. Parisian Chic by Ines de la Fressange (Also comes in a planner version, how neat!) 3. Grace: A Memoir by Grace Coddington


I was looking for some darling pictures for "mini Monday" when I got sucked into tumblr - deep into tumblr. Do not question the power and gravity of such a black hole... but I do not come back empty handed! "Tumblr mashup Monday" might be a new thing around here.

 Child actor and model Leo William Recipon. Too presh.

Model Xiao Wen Ju, my current girl crush.

This sweet wedding photo from Snippet & Ink.


I put a little bit about myself into each post, but I thought I'd do *gasp* an entire post about what's going on in my life and what's running through my mind! 

My friend (and fellow stat girl) Laynie and me after the district finals game last Friday

School: Well things have been a little sad for the past couple days because our varsity boys' basketball season ended on Wednesday night at regional finals :,( . As a stat girl for the team, it was hard to watch but I think they all handled it fairly well and helped me feel okay about it. If you know me at all, you know I'm not very sympathetic towards sports, but I can't help but feel for all the hard work they put into it. Oh well, what happened happened. On a happier note, I finally found a Jr./Sr. dress last week! Jr./Sr. (for those who don't know) is a school banquet held for the seniors by the juniors in the spring. Because of dress code, nice dresses can be difficult to come by. After scouring Ebay for weeks, I was kinda starting to panic, but thankfully I found this one at JJ's House (Bonus - it's Kate Middleton-inspired! Who doesn't adore the Duchess?) Senior trip begins in a little over a week and you have no idea how psyched I am! No doubt, there's gonna be unforgettable memories and bonding. I will make it happen. (If anyone in my class is reading this, you better be ready to cooperate with my bonding expectations!)

This photo boggles my mind every time I see it! HOW!? via pinterest.

Fashion: Thinking about college and careers and, well, life, I know I'm definitely drawn to doing something with fashion. As a Christian, wrestling through different issues hasn't been fun, but it's definitely important. I know I can't compromise my morals for anything, really, let alone fashion, so trying to find the right niche is difficult. I've definitely been getting some healthy thinking in, though! I don't think I want to design clothes, but I'm definitely pulled towards visual arts. Whether that's a window display, a magazine spread, or an event venue, it appeals to me. I definitely love photography, but more of the artistic aspect than the camera aspect. I think it'd be amazing to intern at a photo studio. It's fun for me to look at an image and think, "What feeling are they trying to evoke? How did they get the lighting that way? Is this on location or in a studio? How long did it take for them to do the model's hair that way? What kind of music did they play in the background? Does the image get their point across?" So, if anyone knows anyone in the industry in need of a young and willing protege, please hook me up!

Soo... yeah! I think that's enough about me for one post :)


Okay, I know I'm a day late for the "Monday" title thing, but hey, I was busy yesterday. I think I'm allowed a little slack while finishing up this crazy senior year of mine! anywaaaaays...

I don't have kids (obviously, otherwise their precious faces would be plastered everywhere on this blog), but as a girl I can't help fantasizing about how I'd dress them. and teach them. and love them. and... yeah. A million different girly/mom things :). I don't know how often the topic comes up with my friends (trust me, it's often!), but every time I feel like I probably end up saying "they're just so cuuuute!" in one form or another! And who's to blame me? Can you resist these tiny faces!?

Can you say "new favorite tumblr"!? Props to cute kids in cute clothes for putting all these adorable kiddo pics in one place! 


So I've pretty much hated zebra print for a couple years now, but I think I'm ready to love again. How awesome are these pretty Carven F/W 2013 RTW pieces?

available for preorder at Moda Operandi


I'm not a huge jewelry wearer. It's not that I don't like jewelry, but if it bothers me or gets in the way it has to go. I never wear rings or bracelets (or earrings because *shocker* my ears aren't pierced), but I do love a pretty necklace! I have one I wear all the time, plus two others that make it off my dresser once or twice a month. Even though jewelry isn't my thing, I can definitely appreciate some nice gems when I see them! Here are some trendy spring baubles that I appreciate ;)




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