You know those rooms and spaces in your house that you just struggle with? Maybe you've got some good ideas (or are just not feeling anything Ikea has), but planning and organization are far from where you would like them to be. Perhaps the thought of hiring an interior designer has crossed your mind, but who has the budget and time for that? For those of you stumped with this d├ęcor dilemma, I give you Tastemaker. Launched in April, the service claims the phrase "design for everyone." The process is extremely user friendly and fun. Here's how their site breaks down the process for newbies:
"Tastemaker will handpick three professional decorators that match your style
and budget. Each decorator will respond with his or her vision for your space 
and offer a flat-rate quote to design it. Pick the decorator you like best and the 
project begins."
"Your decorator will work with you to create a complete custom design. That final design will be delivered right to your doorstep in a Design Box that comes with floor plans, paint colors, detailed product info, and any additional instructions you will need to finish the room."

"Make your new design a reality by purchasing any or all of your decorator’s suggested furnishings from Tastemaker— at the guaranteed lowest available price. A few clicks and Tastemaker will take care of everything for you."
Sounds awesome, right? I know a room or two in my house that could use this. I think this is a great option for anyone searching for a design solution--especially one that fits a variety of spaces and budgets! Here are some of my favorite completed projects from their site.

all images from the designers' profiles

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