I hate when I have bad things to say about something I love, but desperate times call for desperate measures. I must warn you.
Basically, J.Crew can do no wrong in my book. Their style is undebatably chic and affordable (compared to most high fashion brands), and they constantly boast about their fabulous imported fabrics. Not gonna lie, about half of my wardrobe is J.Crew (the other half being Madewell!). With my purchasing frequency I guess a dud piece was bound to pop up eventually. Of all things, the dud was their vintage cotton tees. It's a t-shirt for cryin' out loud! How can someone even manage to screw that up!? Oh well, they did. 
I bought two in mid March for about $20 dollars each with an additional 20% off. Not bad. "They're quality, they'll last a long time," I thought to myself. "I mean this is J.Crew we're talking about." I've probably worn each of them about six times since then, no rigorous activity involved. And then the other day as I was slipping out of one I noticed a gnarly, hole-filled armpit. It looked like a rodent had gnawed its way through! So then I checked the other one: same thing! I know there's no way that these holes are the result of something I've done. I was astonished and disappointed. I have tees from Forever 21 that don't even tear that easily. Next time I stop by the store I'll be sure to show them these. Thankfully they have awesome customer service, so I'm sure I'll at least get store credit; however, it would've been nice to not have this kind of issue in the first place.

Moral of the story: J.Crew is fantastic, but steer clear of the vintage cotton tees.

photos by Shelby Mistor

P. S. - I searched long and hard for a gif of the mom from A Cinderella Story saying "I am very very very very upset about this" with all her botox-pumped sauciness.  No gif, but I got a video!

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