I was looking through my pinboard for interior design and I came to the realization that apparently I've got a thing for black and white color schemes with wood accents. Ideally I'd like to live in the city, but if I HAD to choose a suburban home, this would be it.  Let me give you a tour of my lovely light and dark abode...

The exterior: the shapes make it so modern, but the white siding adds a nice almost colonial feel. 

The media room: mixed textures with a touch of organized chaos.

The closet: even the clothes are black and white! Bonus: that awesome denim jacket hanging up to the right.

The living room: book-reading room by day, perfect coffee-sharing and conversation room by night. I wonder if the fire place is actually functional...

The backyard: can I just say that this outdoor space knocks my hypothetical socks off?

The master bath: tiles on the floor, wood on the wall--A.K.A. just the way I like it...

 Breakfast/blogging nook: fresh flowers, artistic wall decor, and a watermelon for good measure.

The bedroom: I sincerely hope I'll be living with some kind of mad scientist who will take complete advantage of this majestic chalkboard wall and use it to its full potential.

The kitchen: not a huge fan of the wood color on the cabinets, but that tile... and those windows!

The lighting: apparently these lantern lights are all the rage?
(1. 2. 3.)

If you need anymore black & white interior inspiration, I highly suggest you take a look at my pinterest linked at the beginning of this post. I really didn't notice how obsessed I was until I put this together!

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