10 FOR 10

IT'S OCTOBER! No need to remind me how much I miss fall, people (like seriously, stop with the Instagram pics of cider donuts and apple orchards). But instead of chowing down on my usual autumn staples like candy corn and peanuts, I'm going to challenge myself to meet some goals. Thanks to Reina, one of my unit mates,  most of the girls in our dorm have set some goals in areas like health, academics, sleep schedule, you name it! So here goes: my 10 for 10 aspirations . . .

1. Blog at least twice a week

2. Get to bed by 1 (Most nights... Somedays I don't have class until 10, so I'm letting my night-owl flag fly)

3. Get a job (I've been working on this for a while, but the process is extremely slow where I'm looking)

4. Exercise 3 times a week (bbllleeeeehhh)

5. Come up with some kind of budget

6. Dessert only once or twice a week (today will be one of those days... Reina just got a package with a whole pack of double stuf oreos just for me... #thestruggleisreal) 

7. Plan ahead (schoolwork, shopping, life in general)

8. Read more (My goal is to finish 2 books this month)

9. No eating past 9:30...ish

10. Wake up early enough to do my hair

Do you have any goals for October? They can be in any area you want. There doesn't even have to be 10! I just chose that many because October is the tenth month, and I liked the way it sounded.

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