College never ceases to amaze me, especially the random things it throws at you. It all started when we were leaving Airheads, a pretty sweet trampoline place. "Your parents dropped you off 5 hours ago? LET'S POP HER TIRE! And THEN, let's point out the fact that she's still unfamiliar with anything but Michigan left turns and let her nearly drive herself over a median--WHILE PEOPLE ARE WATCHING!" (<<If college shared its personal agenda, that would be it.) It was a fabulous first night. Even though I was stressed out about the whole ordeal and panicking about my lack of car knowledge and father, it was seriously hilarious. I mean it when I say that that day has by far been the longest day of my life.

One of my new favorite things in this town is Rita's Italian Ice; my eyes were opened on Labor Day after a sun-filled afternoon at Clearwater Beach with friends. It's almost like a slushy or snowcone, but it doesn't melt as quickly and you can get it in mango-pineapple flavor with vanilla custard on top! Is it morally acceptable to run off with a dessert? No? I don't believe you. Another rockstar down here is Yogurt Mountain. Pretty much everyone is familiar with the fill-a-bucket style franchise, but this place has cookies and cream froyo. No complaints over here!

That same weekend a few friends and I had the opportunity to go to a Guinness World Record-breaking food truck rally in Tampa. With 99 trucks the event was incredibly awesome, but unfortunately the immense crowd at the open of the bash wiped out at least half of the trucks by 5 o'clock (A.K.A. the time that we showed up). Lessons we learned: 1. Go early. 2. Just because the dish is called "Taco Cactus" does NOT mean that there is actually cactus in the taco, even after you wait a whole stinkin' hour to eat the semi-exotic plant. 3. If you want to eat from a truck, eat from that truck the first time you walk by it. DO NOT wait until you pass it a second time to realize that everyone else took the opportunity before you did. 4. Water bottles will be sold for $1 at a multitude of stands, don't pay $2 just because Kristin convinces you otherwise.

So BACK to the car issues. I tried to deal with it the next day by hitting up Tire Kingdom not too far down the road. ATTENTION ALL YOUNG FEMALES WHO APPEAR TO KNOW NOTHING ABOUT CARS: They WILL attempt to rip you off. The original quote they gave me for 2 tires was ridiculously outrageous, but thankfully my dad loves me quite a bit and offered to call and talk about it with the establishment before I came back the next day. Their original plan was to sell me cheaper tires with unnecessary add ons, but our final deal was nicer tires, no stupid add-ons, and a lower price than the quote. UGH. People make me so mad. FLORIDIANS, DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR BUSINESS.

Another inanimate object I would run off with: Super Target. It's close; it's massive; it's got everything. Plus this random guy from Hong Kong works there who's super nice and likes pandas. How can you not love someone like that? We were there the other night looking through the cheapy clearance section when I came across a bag of gold--and by gold I mean Einstein Bagels. Think about it: you've been eating food made for the masses that just kinda weirds you out, but you eat it because you need something to fill your stomach. And then you come across TWO GLORIOUS ASIAGO BAGELS (your favorite), JUST WAITING TO BE EATEN. They looked untouched. It was right before closing so no one was coming back for those suckers. WOULD YOU OR WOULD YOU NOT EAT THE BAGELS? 

So despite being advised against the decision, I ate the bagels


I felt like a Neanderthal trying to discover fire by chewing on a rock or something. Not the pleasant experience I expected, but hey, no regrets over here. I would've lived the rest of my life wondering about the mystery bagels.

Kristin is much better at putting air in tires than I am.

Asian style pulled pork, asparagus panini with prosciutto, provolone, and horseradish sauce, and corn  salsa from Flying Sliders. That was some good food!


Food truckin'

^^My phone was much higher quality than this -_-

Clearwater Beach for Labor Day!

**Hallelujah Chorus** 


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