I've made it almost THREE WHOLE WEEKS! That is all God because, honestly, the first weekend I was about to lose my mind up in here. Privacy? Nope. Sleep? Nope. Easily meeting new people? Nope. Bonus: everything felt like camp! I'm not kidding you. Halfway through the first week I was like, "When are they gonna assign teams? Where's my counselor? People can hold hands!?" (single hand-holding, mind you). 

Thankfully after you give it some time and settle into your regular routine, you come to accept the fact that nothing's the same and you have to get used to it. At the end of the first very stressful week full of not knowing where to sit at lunch or where the heck everyone goes after classes are over, I was talking with my friend Laynie during one of our very regular late-night walks. The conversation went a little like,"Why do we care so much? I don't even know these people! It's been one stinkin' week, who cares if I sit by them or not. I'm tired of stressing about these people. Ya know what, I surrender to college. I SURRENDER. Que sera, sera. It stinks but it's not gonna last forever. Christmas Break, come quickly."

That little vent actually released a ton of stress for us and slowly, bit by bit, college is actually becoming enjoyable. I got around to decorating my half of the dorm room, I've started to make some great friends, and I've learned a loooot about cars (wait, did I put that last part under the enjoyable section? My bad. I didn't mean that).

Anyways, here are some pics from the trip down and the first week. Part II will be much more specific and I'll share some of my best experiences so far... college certainly has not been uneventful!

^ Took this the day before I left. I miss this goofy face so much. There's no one to pick up my dropped popcorn around here.

^ The Creation Museum was super cool, but one of the most exciting things was the multiple llama face opportunities. Jessica Cook herself liked the picture on the right on instagram ;)

^ Sunday we ventured to a lobster shanty near church. Pretty good stuff.

^ Don't worry, be crabby :)

^ We went to Clearwater Beach. We got rained on at Clearwater Beach.

^ You are correct, that IS a flat tire. It was gifted to me on the very day my parents dropped me off. Many unwanted adventures ensued.

^ Does anyone else follow Dogs or Legs on twitter? We went to the Edson's community pool so I had to pay tribute.

^ My first attempt at a sunny-side egg on my griddle. Just because it says non-stick surface DOES NOT mean you shouldn't use non-stick cooking spray. #lessonlearned

^ Cafeteria food stinks. Desserts are hit or miss. You know what's not hit or miss? Marshmallow fluff, cap'n crunch, and frosted flakes. Hope you like sugar.

^ Kristin: "I can't wear red lipstick."
Me: "Yes you can! Here, put this on."
**lipstick is passed around and many pictures are taken**

^ I ordered a poster a week before I left, but it came a little late so my mom had to forward it on down to Florida for me. Seeing her handwriting on the back made me happy :)

Thanks to everyone who has been praying for me or sent any little bit of encouragement! It is very much appreciated. I absolutely love getting mail so the last three weeks have been a lot of fun.

Look for Part II soon!


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