Thought I'd share a few tasty dishes and snacks that I've enjoyed recently- both at home and at some of my favorite restaurants!


Avocado Toast

Ok, new favorite snack alert! I've had about two a day since I found this on pinterest last week. The how-to is extremely simple: make some toast (I use Ezekiel bread), shmear half an avocado on it, then season with salt, pepper, and turmeric to taste. And I like to jazz it up a bit with a little hot sauce, too! Healthy and tasty? This snack has it all.


Crepes at Le Petit Zinc

We've tried other crepe restaurants in the area and this is definitely our favorite place. It has a very authentic european feel and a lovely patio! Of course sweet and savory choices are offered, but they also provide classic french dishes along with a selection of salads and sandwiches. My current favorite is the Fromage De Chevre Et Epinards, a savory crepe filled with goat cheese (marinated in olive oil and rosemary), spinach, and pine nuts.

My dad enjoying one of the specials of the day!

I'm officially an unsweetened tea convert!

Come back tomorrow to see some more of my favorites!

1. via sacramento street 2.-5. by me.

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