Chocolate-covered Bananas with Almonds

I had a sweet tooth the other night but didn't feel like baking or eating unhealthy food. Logical answer: bananas with dark chocolate and almonds! I used this recipe, even though it doesn't require much precision. Simply melt the chocolate, dip the bananas, sprinkle with almonds, and freeze until the chocolate hardens.


Sandwiches at Mudgie's Deli

One of Corktown's finest, the little deli packs a powerful punch. They claim to serve "only the freshest, highest-quality food. We use local products whenever possible, and roast our own meats in house. Our soups are always fresh, our coffee is outstanding and WiFi is free." And I believe they really do! For my order I like to switch up from time to time but typically stick to their iced tea of the day and Toney's Caesar Wrap. Also, if you're the dessert type, definitely snag the Fudgie Mudgie at the end of your meal! A brownie waffle topped with Calder Dairy ice cream . . . Three words: TO. DIE. FOR. 

Love this candid of my dad! :)

1. image via na krachyn spodzie (even though I'm Polish, don't ask me what that means.) 2. The Madill sandwich (house roasted turkey, Neuske's nitrate free cherrywood smoked bacon, avocado, tomato, romaine lettuce, Mudgie- made garlic mayo and melted pepper Jack cheese on an 8 “ served warm) and one of their fresh pickles, taken (and eaten) by me. 3. My dad enjoying the tea of the day, ginger lemon. Taken by me.

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