Of course just showing you some pictures and giving you some details isn't going to do the event justice, but I figured I'd try. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and just imaaagine... wait, no. I take that back; open your eyes, you have to see the pictures! I'll give you a walkthrough. Party recap time!

1PM - My good friend Abbi helped me put up pictures, hang ruffle garland (harder than you'd expect), and plate food (among other things). Check out the shortest video of all time >>

2PM - All the little details are finished!

3PM - 4PM - Stretching and meditation, because I party hard.

JK. It was mostly food prep and talking to relatives and helpers.

4PM - 7:30PM - Welcome! Grab a plate! Salad, mashed potatoes, and chicken? Step outside and say hello to the graduate! Clearwater Christian College, business major (was communication arts major until I found out two days prior that that was only offered as a minor now, but I'm totally content with business). Peruse my pictures, please! Have a seat under the tent, nibble on some sixlets and admire the carnations. What's that you hear? Why yes, that is the Creepy Clyde on keyboard (he's actually really great, don't be thrown by the "creepy" title. I don't know who came up with that). The drinks for the evening are water with cucumber and mint, water with lemon, iced tea, and Liz Elwart's famous lemonade (alas, I didn't get to the famous lemonade *sad face*)! I don't have to tempt you with dessert, one of Shelly Keenan's fabulous vanilla bean cupcakes is already in your hand and Haley's peanut butter dream bars are eyeing you. A second trip is already planned to pick up a key lime cupcake before you head out. 

8:30PM - 10PM - The party don't stop until someone's had a bonfire. In this case it was Alex. Thanks for hosting us, bud.

And just like that, my big day had come and gone. The result of months of planning passed with the sunset. (<< too dramatic?)

THANK YOU. Whether you came, wished you could have and were not able to come, helped, or whatever, thank you. I had an absolute blast at my party and it wouldn't have been fun at all without the help and support of others. I wish I could've talked to each of you longer!

All photos by Haley and Co. J.Crew dress.

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