What's black and white and shaggy all over? This rug. Subtle yet interesting to look at. I've nicknamed this style shag "the blogger rug" because it keeps popping up on my favorite sites' home tours. Maybe it's the official "I'm a real legit blogger, and I have the rug to prove it" rug... in that case, can I just buy the rug and automatically call myself successful? (No? For shame.) Whatever the case, it's a pretty awesome floor accessory and obviously has loads of approval from the blog world. Not interested in rugs? No problem, your friend Anthropologie has you covered. Perhaps an ottoman is more your style; wait no, you like sectionals. Hold on, you can't decide. You'll have to take them both. On second thought, the rug is actually perfect. All three are going home. Problem? I didn't think so, you shaggy diamond lover, you.

If Emily Henderson has it, I want it.

Oh hey, Bri Emery from Designlovefest couldn't help but get in on the fun, too!

A Cup of Jo's Joanna Goddard concurs. This rug rocks.

Why don't you sit down on my diamond shag couch, kick your feet up off my diamond shag rug and onto my diamond shag ottoman? 

Yes, yes, this is perfect. And on sale.

in case you're interested, you can pick up a blogger rug here.

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