Recently I was given the awesome opportunity to sit down with my friend Heidi for a fun little beauty sesh with some Mary Kay products. As a consultant for the company, she was challenged to makeover 50 faces for June; so when she asked if I could help out and be one of her faces, I was thrilled! We did everything from satin hands (soo soft!) to conturing cheeks and eyebrows (but not like Kim Kardashian. *yikes*). At the end of the night I walked (more like strutted) away rocking a fab look that I absolutely loved! As a bonus, the six-year consultant shared some of her favorite things about the company. When asked about her favorite products, she quickly answered concealer and mascara. As far as benefits about the company itself, "They give me prizes for doing my job!" she says, while adding that their priority list lines up with hers- God first, then family, then career (<< I didn't know the company was so open about God. That was very cool to find out!). And of course, I had to ask what she'd do if she received the famous Mary Kay pink Cadillac: "I don't know, throw a party! Drive it to church! Drive it everywhere!" If I were in that situation, I think my reaction would be the same, haha. Thanks again for the fun evening, Heidi :)!

I apologize ahead of time for the cruddy iPhone pictures... gotta work with whatcha got!


Some of the products we worked with!

 Heidi and I!

My Mom was given a makeover as well :)

Since I have blue eyes, we experimented with more browns and golds. For my lips we went with the Rosette lipstick and a Berry Tart gloss (I ended up taking both home because I liked them so much!). 

Not the best picture, but the result was fabulous.

I was given a gift card for participating in the challenge, but was not paid for this post. All words and pictures are my own

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