Although I'm not really interested in being a photographer, the art of capturing interesting images fascinates me. I love to see the different tones, moods, feelings, locations, styles, lighting, props, models, poses... the list goes on and on! Editorial is my absolute favorite style of photography. One of the questions I always ask myself when looking at a photo is, "Could I see this in a magazine?" (my second is, "Would I repin this on Pinterest?"). So when I came across the work of couple Stephanie and Isaac over at This Modern Romance, I fell in love. So artful, so luxe . . . these are definitely the kind of shoots that I'll remember for a long time!

I don't need that dress I don't need that dress I don't need that dress . . .

That pose fits you well, sir.

UGGHH I want to be a pretty parisian girl!

"Excuse me, where can I find the nearest flock of dancing ballerinas to walk through like the fierce fashionista that I am?"

All images via This Modern Romance

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