On Saturday morning my parents and I made our way to one of the US's largest farmers markets and local favorite, Eastern Market. If you've never been: GO. Nice and early. It's such a great experience. The market opens at 5am, but we got there around 8. Local produce, food trucks, and fantastic people watching at the tip of your fingers. I will admit, not all of the produce is local, unfortunately (just look behind the stands to see if the sellers are pulling all their veggies out of cardboard boxes or something commercial looking, it should be pretty obvious). We got coffee from Urban Grounds (they sell Great Lakes Coffee), an assortment of cheeses from the Zingerman's stall for an appetizer for a dinner with relatives that evening, beignets (pronounced BEN-YEY) from the beignets2go truck, and an asparagus l├íngos (hungarian fried pizza) from The Grindhouse. All in all, it was just a lovely morning to soak in the Detroit urban vibes.

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