WELCOME! I'm gonna be selfish for a minute and talk all about me. As awkward as I find this post, it's necessary, right? I'll keep it simple and basic. 

name: Shelby Mistor

age: 17

from: suburbs of Detroit

background: youngest of 2 sisters, Christian (Jesus follower, Baptist, whichever you prefer)

favorite things: fashion, flowers, Pinterest, tea, coffee, Teen Vogue, Netflix, NYC, a good story

why I started this blog and why magician's assistant: I wanted a fun place to share my life, thoughts, ideas, and things that inspire me (and hopefully inspire others). You know those moments when you see, read, or hear something that evokes a feeling that you can't describe... those moments that inspire you to think differently or try something new? I love those magical moments. Those moments often come to me when I see an awesome photo or a clever outfit, read an incredible story, or discover a song that perfectly describes my mood. Many times, it's the simple things. So if I'm here to share simple, magical things, in a way, I imagine myself as a magician's assistant (plus I love the aesthetic. Shimmery golds, smoke and mirrors...)

*please note: I'm just starting out, so please bear with me as I make mistakes and develop my style of blogging (I know the template's not the best, but do I look like an HTML expert?... seriously though, if you can hook me up with someone who is, let me know. They'd be my BFF)

image by Haley & Co.

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  1. Well Shelby- you are a talented woman. I can't wait to read more.


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