Even though I didn't write out official new year's resolutions, one of the top things on my list is to travel and try new experiences whenever possible. Near the the top of my list of places to go is the beautiful, laid-back country of GREECE! The gorgeous coast, seaside towns, and (my favorite) feta cheese... sigh. I sincerely hope I can make my way to this fantastic destination someday!

1. sensi hat 2. hepcat glasses 3. lemlem coverup 4. baggu purse 5. bumble & bumble surf spray 6. ancient greek sandals

P.S. I'm working on my photoshop skills- I think I'm doing pretty well for just starting out! Those online tutorials are stellar. I don't have it at home so I can't work on it all the time, but eventually I'd love to buy it and learn all about the program :)

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