Sometimes I feel guilty for not blogging for two months straight, but then I realize that the reason I started this site was for my personal expression. What's the point of forcing myself to write a post? I'm not going to share something unless I want to share something...Just thought I'd share my thoughts on that! Here are four more thoughts that've occurred in my mind over my two month hiatus: 

1. I had no motivation to carry out my 10 for 10 goals. "Get a job" was the only thing I could cross off at the end of the month.

2. Campus couples have ruined the idea of hand-holding for me. I get it, but, seriously? Stop touching each other so much. No one wants to see that (at least on campus).

3. A pixie cut is very tempting at the moment... but so is keeping my longish hair.

4. You don't realize how "at home" you can feel until you actually leave home for a while and come back (at least, that was the case for me).

Hopefully I'll be posting a lot more regularly these days! 

Photo taken by me on my way home from Tampa last Friday. I love seeing the crystals form on my window :)

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